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We are T2S

A small creative team, trying to enrich the lives of others

A brief history

Tyme 2 Shyne Artistic Studios, LLC is a San Diego, California based collective of artists involved in all aspects of the business of telling stories and making films.

Our approach to doing business is different that the traditional Hollywood/Studio business model. First, T2S is owned by artists, run by artists for the benefit of the artist. Second, we believe that everything should be done with compassion, integrity, honesty, and transparency. Third, a supportive and safe environment for the artist is paramount for all forms collaboration and creative risk-taking. Fourth, we believe that everything ultimately should be done with the following litmus test - “what is best for the film or project?”

We combine the amazing skills and experiences of our artists to create stunning, meaningful and inspirational projects. We believe these artistic projects can be a vehicle to transcend the human experience and make the world a better place.


It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.

- Paula Scher -


T2S Artistic Mission Statement


The physics of Art in a higher consciousness world will create a shift in focus from “the doing” to “the being.”

Traditionally, the artistic community has been focused on “the doing.” Hollywood makes a film. A writer writes a story or a screenplay or a script. An actor plays a role. An editor crafts the story from the captured images and sound. These are all examples of “the doing,” which are all linear activities in a three dimensional world. This paradigm, however, is beginning to change.

Humanity is beginning to attain higher levels of consciousness, thinking and vibration. This higher consciousness thinking creates non-linear patterns of thought that allows one to connect to the creative source that is inside each of us. This creative source, in turn, enables one to break loose from the restraints of three dimensional thinking and enter the world of multi-dimensionality. What are multi-dimensional forces or energies? In traditional physics, they would be the forces of light, gravity and magnetics. These are all examples of unlimited sources of energies throughout the universe.

What if, however, the greatest most powerful multi-dimensional force is already inside each of us? It is - in form of the energy of love, compassion and benevolence. Is there any other energy that vibrates at a higher level than love and compassion? Love is much more than a three dimensional “act of love” or “compassionate gesture.” It is a perpetual, continuous connection to our inner source or energy, a multi-dimensional state of “being.”

Art is within each us waiting to be connected to this creative source. It is a medium by which the creative source can be harnessed for creative expression. It is a medium by which Artists can express and use the multi-dimensional energy of love and compassion to change the way we think, the way we “do” to become “the being” of love and compassion. Indeed, the “physics” of Art in a higher consciousness world can create a shift in focus from “the doing” to “the being.”

What if the concept of “doing” something old and familiar was replaced by the concept of “being” loving and compassionate. What if the old way of “doing” business in Hollywood was replaced by the energy of love and compassion. The “being” in the state of compassion, integrity, honesty, and transparency would become the new “standard” way of “doing” business. The Artists work place would be transformed into a place that is compassionate, supportive, creative, safe and filled with abundance. It would be a place where the Artist would have their Tyme 2 Shyne.

Furthermore, imagine if this creative energy of love and compassion of one Artist was combined with that of many Artists. What if each person’s creative source was inter-connected in a multi-dimensional manner, in a quantum-like entanglement (think no degrees of separation instead of six degrees of separation)? What would happen if many Artists collectively channeled their multi-dimensional creative sources into one initiative of helping each other to raise their collective consciousness, to raise their collective vibration through love and compassion? It could be the beginning of transformative change.

What would that change look like? It would start with bringing light to dark places. The energy of love and compassion would replace the old energy of greed, corruption and fear. Conservation, sustainability and replenishment would usher out the era of pollution, waste and apathy.

That brings us to the ultimate question, what could all of humanity accomplish with its collective multi-dimensional energy of love and compassion? Answer, we can change the world!





T2S is creating its inaugural film slate, the "Tyme 2 Shyne Artistic Film Slate Collective 2016, First edition." The purpose of the film slate is to showcase the projects of both T2S and other artists that we work with. We are taking a new approach to the concept of artists working together, collaborate and supporting each other's projects. This will be a curated form for artists to feature a given project and, in turn, receive help from the other artists by sharing their resources to support that project. Shared resources can be in the form of artistic assistant, collaboration on networking, prospects for investors and funding, as well as production and post-production expertise. It is the intent of this "collective" that each member helps the other members by contributing their respective talents. We all get to collaborate on each other's projects, while building our own respective resumes and networks.

Artistic Thoughts

  • "We are what we think, everything that we are arises with our thoughts and with our thoughts we create the world". Buddha

    - Jayce Venditti -
  • "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". Albert Einstein

    - Ray Rudy -
  • "Every human is an artist, the dream of your life is to make beautiful art". Don Miguel Ruiz

    - Steve Carson -

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